Our Services
Who Should Consider Our Services?
  • If you are not able to rely on your financial information for important decision making or want to incorporate data analytics into your decision making and are not able to.

  • If you want to explore the cost saving or additional value you can receive with outsourcing your accounting to industry professionals.
Levels of Service
Outsourced CFO
This is our piece de resistance. Under this service offering we implement our full analytics suite completely customized to your specifics. We optimize your POS outputs, we implement real time food costing per dish, prepare the KPIs that matter to you based on your individual needs, help with banking and financing relationships, and so much more. Under this program your accounting department become a strategic partner rather that a reporting mechanism. This is best for one restaurant that are in expansion mode, or multi-unit restaurants. Compared to the cost of a fulltime accounting staff and CFO we are going to quite a bit cheaper and with zero maintenance.
Outsourced Controller
This is our next level service and is great for restaurants with one location that want to expand their profitability. While it does not provide our full analytics suite, it does provide real time accurate information. It allows the business owner to work on their business rather than in their business. If you still have some room to grow this is going to be your best option. Compared to cost and time maintaining an internal accounting department costs, it is well worth your time to explore the cost and headache saving alternative.
Outsourced Accountant
This is our basic level of service. This is best for new restaurants that are very cost conscious, but still want to be able to rely on the accuracy of their accounting. Under this level you will still write your own checks and maintain your own payroll, but we will make sure that everything is classified appropriately and accurately. For new restaurant owners without a strong accounting background that want to only have to worry about what is coming out of the kitchen, this is a great place to start.
How It Works
First, we will perform and analysis of your accounting system and processes and provide you a report of our suggestions and best practices. Every entity is different and owners have different goals so there in no one size fits all solution.
That report is yours to keep and implement on your own if you desire.
That report will also be the basis that we use to develop or monthly rate. That rate is guaranteed for 1 year.